Ron Jarzombek - BLACK


by Ron Jarzombek


Publisher's Description

‘Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics’ (BLACK) is the first song released by Ron Jarzombek as a multitracking app. 




Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


Music composed and performed by Ron Jarzombek


All guitars, bass and midi programming by Ron Jarzombek


Produced, mixed and engineered by Ron Jarzombek


iOS programming by Oleg Kolokolov 


Ron Jarzombek: 

- lead guitarist and composer of Blotted Science, Spastic Ink and WatchTower, as featured on the CDs… 

‘Blotted Science – The Animation Of Entomology’, 

‘Blotted Science – The Machinations Of Dementia’, 

‘Spastic Ink – Ink Complete’, 

‘Spastic Ink – Ink Compatible’, 

‘WatchTower – Control And Resistance’, and 

‘Ron Jarzombek – Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement’ 


- has recorded/performed live with Chris Adler (Lamb Of God), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Jens Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen), and Obscura. 


- is featured in the 2009 book 'The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists' by British author Joel McIver who calls Jarzombek "the most underrated axemonger ever". 


‘Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics' (BLACK) appears via the App 6 track audio player designed by Ron Jarzombek and Oleg Kolokolov. 


App 6 track operation:  

- The Play, Pause and Reset buttons functions the same as the controls on an iTunes player. 

- LEDs indicate when tracks are active. 

- Each track contains its own volume slider which controls the volume of each track, so you can hear each recorded part by itself or not at all. 

- Each track has its own push button switch which alternates between two different recorded parts or instruments, allowing you various combinations of tracks. 

- The time slider controls the playback time, allowing you to scan to various times in the song. For best result move the time slider when the audio player is paused. 


Possibilities and options: 

- Solo each track to hear exactly what is being played. 

- Create your own mix by choosing whatever tracks you want to hear. 

- Turn down the lead tracks to compose your own leads and melodies to the original rhythm tracks. 

- Bassists can play along to the song simply by turning down the bass track. 

- Drummers can play along with the guitars and bass by switching the drum track to the click. 


- All notation and tab sheets for all tracks are available at 


- View video tutorial at 

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