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Publisher's Description gives you the opportunity to experience a virtual party based on your own social preferences and shared personal free music playlist.  Either casually sit-back in a room that best fits your needs, and listen while others discover new music for you to enjoy.  Or be an active influencer and show off your great taste in music by sharing from the DJ Stage.  Music is just one element of Rolling, so don’t just listen!  Meet new interesting people from all over and let them know what you’re thinking through real time social interactions.  Here are some of the basics to help you Get Rolling! 

How do I play songs?

To play a song, you must first add songs to your queue/playlist by clicking the [Add Some] Button at the top middle of the page under “My Playlist”.  A search menu will pop-up and you will have the option to either upload your own songs or search through our music library.  Scroll down to the “How do I upload songs and what are some tips to ease uploading” section for more info.  Once you have songs in your queue and there’s an open DJ Spot, you will see a yellow [Play Music] button next to the DJ(s).   When it’s your turn to play, the song on the top of your queue will automatically play and voting is in the hands of your audience.

What is the Heat Meter (Weak/Hot)?

If you like a song, you can hit the “Hot” button and the DJ playing the song will get a DJ credit. To show your appreciation, your avatar will bob it’s head. If you don't like a song, you can hit the “Weak” button. If a song gets weaked too many times, the song will skip and the next DJ in line will play.

How do I customize my avatar and unlock premium items?

Click the [Me] dropdown on the top right corner and select “change outfit”. Dress it up! Earn more credits to unlock more accessories and styles for your avatar.  There will be plenty of additional items coming out in the near future, so you can have a true custom identity.

What are credits?

Credits are what you earn when people vote positively “Hot” on a song you play. These in turn show your ranking as a DJ.  Play a great song and earn more street cred.  Keep in mind, credits are used like currency and will be subtracted when spent.  There will be many other ways to obtain credits and spend credits in the future.

In case you were wondering, nothing will show up in your Facebook feed if you sign up. We will NEVER post anything on Facebook without your consent.  But, we will definitely encourage you to spread the word.  Now that you’re ready to get rolling, let friends know what rooms you will be in on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  They will help you build the best room for you and the world.  

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