Rolling Stones News


by Jethro Borsje


Publisher's Description

This app will keep you up to date by providing you with real time news messages and tweets regarding the Rolling Stones and the (ex-)band-members. You can choose for which band-member you want to receive news items. The application also contains a complete discography including track lists and lyrics. Finally it contains a biography for each band member. The app provides a widget which can be added to your home screen so that you can always see the most recent news items without even having to open the app. Interesting news items can be shared with your friends via sms, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Notifications can be generated by the application whenever new news items are found. These notifications are shown in the notification bar and additionally you can setup the app to let your phone vibrate when new news is found. As soon as the band starts touring an integration with Google Maps will be added in which you can see where the Stones are playing.

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