Rockford's Rock Opera – Children's Story Audio Book (Part 4)


by Apache Solutions LTD

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Publisher's Description

NOW FOR IPAD as well as iPhone/Touch - Here's the final installment of Rockford's Rock Opera! Yes, PART FOUR of the world's most popular children's audio book app is ready to enjoy!

In case you didn't know, Rockford's Rock Opera PART ONE is available FREE in the App Store, with PARTS TWO AND THREE also available.

If you've reached this far in our story (thanks for listening!), you'll know the score regarding this App – please download via wifi or from your computer as it's quite a big file.

And, if you've enjoyed our story and want more, please give us a rating in the App Store (a BIG thank you to those of you who have) and say 'hello' on facebook.

You can visit our website too of course:

We have new audio stories and new, bigger versions of Rockford's Rock Opera underway so we hope we'll see you again soon.

For now, all the best and thanks listening :-)

Matthew, Elaine and Steve

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