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Guitar emulator + Chord guide + Tuner + Metronome Robotic Guitarist is a virtual guitar for your device. This application will be useful both for those that already play the guitar and learners, and even if you can't play but want to get some fun or experiment with its sounds. Main features: -Guitar emulator: Choose a chord without having to learn finger positions and just hit the strings to get a very realistic acoustic-guitar sound. You can also make it sound like an electric guitar or a piano. You can strum, plays arpeggio or any other desired technique. -Chord guide: An easy-to-use interface allows you to change your chord selection on the go. You'll see at all times a diagram showing finger positions. Very useful for learners or for those who play already and need to recall a chord. -Tuner: If you play a non-virtual guitar, Robotic Guitarist is your loyal electronic pocket-tuner. -Metronome: It's a handy digital metronome. It has settings for speed (beats per minute) and different signatures (constant, 2/2, 4/4, etc.).

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