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Find & hear every way to play guitar chords in alt tunings at each fret position Playing guitar in Open G or Dropped C and don't know how to play an Am7? Do you know all 91 ways to play E minor in open position? Fire up RipChord Deluxe to find and hear every possible way to play chords in alternate tunings for each fret position. Looking to advance your lead playing too? RipChord Deluxe now calculates scales. Pick from all the same tunings, and select a scale to find just what you need. Tunings include: Standard D Sharp D Dropped D Open C Dobro Extra Tunings in RipChord Deluxe: New Standard C# C B Dropped D Variant Dropped C Sharp Dropped C Standard Dropped C Csus2 Open D Modal D Open E Open G Modal G G Sharp/C Major Ukulele Chord Types Include: Major Minor Suspended 2nd Minor 7th Extra Chord Types in RipChord Deluxe: Diminished Diminished 5th Augmented Suspended 4th 6th Minor 6th 6th Added 9th 7th Major 7th Minor Major 7th 7th Suspended 4th 7th Half-diminished 7th Diminished 5th Augmented Major 7th 7th Augmented 5th 7th Minor 9th 7th Augmented 9th 9th Add 9 Major 9th 9th Diminished 5th Dominant Sharp 9/Sharp 5 Dominant Flat 9/Sharp 5 11th 13th Scales Include: Major Natural Minor Scales in RipChord Deluxe: Melodic Minor Harmonic Minor Major Pentatonic Minor Pentatonic Dorian For all these extra chords, scales, and tunings, try RipChord Deluxe.

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