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The Rigoletto app for iPhone is a fun way to discover classical music. With a database of over 1,000 of the best recordings, spanning over 500 years (from Ockeghem to Ades) it has something for everyone, whether you are new to classical music or expanding your repertoire.

Rigoletto works in two ways. 

Firstly, searching by genre (vocal and choral, opera, instrumental and chamber, orchestral) or period (renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, modern) will bring a selection of three pieces from your chosen category.

Alternatively, Rigoletto will bring you three pieces at random, one from each of his unique categories (Established Greats, Something a Bit Different, Rare but Rewarding). Helping you expand your repertoire away from music or composers you already know. 

You can listen to a preview of each track before buying directly from iTunes. Or save to your library for later. Each track is accompanied by an interesting fact as well as details of the recording and performers. 

And you can share your discovery with your Twitter followers directly from the app.

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