Rhythm Calculator


by JET Powered Apps Ltd.


Publisher's Description


The Rhythm Calculator allows a musician to quickly input a complicated section of musical rhythm and hear it played back in perfect time and tempo. A great practice aid!


With a familiar calculator-style user interface, inputting rhythm is a breeze.



- Note and rest values up to 1/128 (Semihemidemisemiquaver)

- Multiple dotted rhythms

- Ties

- Almost any complex tuplets


Swipe up to add bar lines and swipe down to break up groups of notes so that the final result looks just like the score you're trying to learn.


A life-like metronome interface lets you set tempo between 40 and 230 bpm beating in any note value you wish - Perfect to practice against when learning that tricky passage.



- Swipe down through joined notes to split them up.

- Swipe up on the score to add bar lines.

- Hold down the dotted rhythm button to cycle through one, two and three dots.

- Hold down the tuplet button to edit the tuple dimensions.

- Hold down the equals button to access all the playback settings.


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