by Mikko Levonmaa


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Remofy offers unprecedented listening experience to Spotify Premium users. You can control your Spotify playlists from the comfort of you couch, bed or jacuzzi. With Remofy's unique user interface you can easily discover music in Spotify by searching and browsing albums, artists and tracks.

With our custom designed user interface you are always up to speed on whats playing and who is playing it (artist, album and track information). And of course cover art. Naturally the basic playing commands are available, play, pause, next, previous, repeat, shuffle and volume control. Remofy remembers your recent searches so that coming back to them is easy and effortless.

Remofy supports multiple clients on the same network and does not require that the native Spotify client is installed. However the Remofy Player is needed and can be downloaded from The player and the remote setup is seamless thanks to Bonjour.

Remofy in not affiliated with Spotify. Spotify is the registered trademark of Spotify Group

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