Real Violin Lite


by Phyar Studio


Publisher's Description

Real Violin is a software that simulate the violin playing on iPhone/iPod Touch. Features: High performance real-time multi-track sound processing engine, high quality, low latency. 44 KHz, 16 bit sound output.; Slide mode and Touch mode. With slide mode, you can play the "Real Violin" like a Real Violin - With touch mode, you can play the sound directly by tap the corresponding note, just like playing a keyboard.; Acceleration(Pose) sense.; With slide mode, you can select the string that you want to slide on by tilting the device, which make it more like a violin.; Sliding along the string with the finger of your left hand to play unlimited smooth glide.; Custom distance between the note marks.(new); 3 violin family instruments(Violin, Viola, Cello) in one!(new); Up to one octave per string with Touch mode.; Easy to use interface.

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