Ratatap Drums


by mode of expression, LLC


Publisher's Description

Ratatap Drums is the most powerful, playable, and realistic drum kit app out there. Period.


The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like real drums.


Oh--and you can make your own drumsets. No more nickle and diming users for new kits! Choose from one of the ten included kits or create your own, choosing from the hundreds of included sounds.



  • 13 built-in kits -- Rock, Disco, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and more!
  • The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound! A first for an iPhone app!
  • Hundreds of drum sounds, professionally recorded at 44.1khz high fidelity!
  • Natural drum rolling -- the faster you drag your finger, the faster the roll!
  • Realistic modeling of drum strikes so cymbals blend and snares don't sound like machine guns!
  • Pitch bending depending on where you hit the drums!
  • Multitrack recording and online sharing!
  • You can even share your performances online on the web! Tweet, tweet!
  • Jam out with your iPod library tracks.
  • Try our "Dueling Drumsets" so two people can rock out with their own set on one device!
  • So much more! Editing appearance, position, and size of drums! Tweaking volume variance! DRUMMERS' HEAVEN!


[Thanks to Ratatap Drummers, bugs have been spotted and stomped! Enjoy the updates!]

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