Rapid Evolution 3


by Mixshare


Publisher's Description

Rapid Evolution 3 is the next generation of music library software from Mixshare.com. It is aimed at both DJs and music lovers alike. It provides the same powerful search/filtering capabilities as RE2, while now leveraging the power of many music sources and social networking sites to enhance your ability to manage, enjoy and explore your music. 


This is a preview of the features so far in Rapid Evolution 3, which is still in development and hopefully soon to enter beta testing. 


A summary of its current features:

Automatic detection of song properties: BPM, Key, Beat Intensity, Replay Gain

Automatic retrieval of metadata from a variety of sources (Mixshare, Lastfm, Discogs, Musicbrainz, Billboard, Idiomag, Echonest, Lyricsfly, Lyricwiki, BBC, Yahoo, with much more planned)

Receive personalized recommendations for new artists, releases and songs not in your collection

A built in media player with a similarity based auto-play feature (like Pandora but using songs from your own collection)

Browse not just songs but artists, labels and releases

Filter by styles (genres), tags, BPM, key, beat intensity, and much more

Easily view compatible songs (based on key, BPM, and overall similarity)

Support for ordered playlists (i.e. "mixes") and dynamic, rule based playlists (similar to iTunes "smart" playlists)

Support for video as well as audio

Native UI (more responsive than the Java based UI in RE2)

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