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[Like many others, this app has been deleted from Android.com by Google.] "Always stay up to date on your music & ringtones! Your new hip-hop addiction app that has new rap/hip-hop songs to stream AND download to your phone daily. It is updated everyday and you can download all the songs straight to your phone. ** Flash player is required to listen to the songs before downloading ** Use Astro File Manager from the market to unzip mixtapes ** Use WiFi for optimal performance ** All songs are free releases from the artists for promotional purposes Features: - Updated with new songs daily (multiple times) - Stream songs - Download songs/mixtapes to your phone - Comment on posts - Search for song, artist, or mixtape - Request songs to be added To download a mixtape: 1. Click on the mixtape tab at the top 2. Click on the download link for the mixtape once you find one you want 3. Unzip the mixtape with Astro File Manager from the market and then you have the mixtape ------------------------------------------------------"

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