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Publisher's Description is the source for quality new and popular independent music. 

Our live streams are not controlled by program directors and DJs in the pockets of large labels. Songs are chosen by an algorithm which only weighs users' votes when deciding what gets played and what gets excluded as junk.

Songs with high voter approval eventually make it onto the radio reddit charts and get promoted by having a higher probability of being played.

radio reddit was created by musicians who wanted a place where all music was given a fair chance to be heard.

Where pay-for-play, label preference, and underhand deals were done away with. Where listeners were in control."


With this app you can:

  • listen to the different streams.
  • vote on and submit songs if you have a reddit account.
  • bookmark songs to remember and play later.
  • listen to music from the top ten charts of all time/month/week/day.
  • replay songs that you've recently heard in the streams.
  • save and import songs to/from
  • Listen to radio reddit on your stereo with AirPlay

If you have iOS4 and a device that supports multitasking you can run radio reddit in the background. You can also use the buttons on your headset to play/stop/change streams. 

By getting this full version of the app you will also help supporting radio reddit, making sure we can continue to provide a place for independent musicians to be heard.



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