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[David Byrne apparently updates the stuff on this station, but here's the description from February 27, 2012.]

I realized I hadn't done a psychedelic playlist since 2005. Since then, it has vastly expanded and a lot of usual suspects have been added. This playlist is over 5 hours long! Maybe the longest I've ever done…

There are still some classic tunes from US and UK acts that will be extremely familiar (Kashmir, duh), but now these are joined by lots of contemporary artists mining that vein of free and "out" music that manages to stay within the boundaries of pop. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kasabian, Mt. Eerie and Ben Cooper's Patients project are all here too—as well as stuff that came out in the last few decades—so it's not all 60s stuff by any means. There's a smattering of international psych funk as well. Some years ago when I was at Luaka Bop we did a sampler of West African psych funk called, Love's a Real Thing and we realized that this movement, along with its fuzz boxes and spacey lyrics, found roots all over the world. There are some Turkish psych funk tracks here that are just wonderful—good songs and excellent production (they make some of our home grown stuff sound pretty wimpy by comparison).




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