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“Radio+” is an online broadcast listening tool tailored for worldwide users. Ideal for tuning in to your favorite radio anywhere, anytime, creating a universe of entertainment of your own to satisfy all your listening desires. ?User-friendly, UI developed by renowned designer ?Perfectly compatible with Retina HD display ?Multi-task background play supported by versions iOS4 or above ?Sound-recording function ?WIFI/3G Real-time flow visualization ?User-defined background display interface ?Sleep timer ?Brightness setting Radio stations covered: .More than 2,0000 radio stations in USA, UK, Germany, France,Canada, Japan, Korea, etc Flow visualization .Support WIFI/3G real-time flow visualization and reset .Support flow query for present and previous months User-defined background .10 default background images . Upload photos from device and set as background image Other functions .Use with 3G on/off .User defined show/hide toolbar .Automatic memory of the most recent play history .Favorites .Recent play history .Show play time .Radio station searching Users’ tips: .WIFI/3G environment required .All channel sources received via Internet

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