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Radical.FM is the personal broadcasting and music & audio content delivery service that enables anyone to discover, connect, and communicate in real time.

Radical.FM marries the interactive nature of Internet with the programming expertise of the entire broadcast radio industry.

Radical’s competitors were founded by computer programmers who assign subjective tags to songs and artists and create complex algorithms to generate song lists. Unlike typical online stations, Radical is programmed by hand, by human beings.

Similar to Satellite Radio, we have divided our massive library into niche formats like ROCK, POP, and COUNTRY. However, we go beyond Satellite and conventional Internet radio by allowing you to blend as many genres as you like, and then to assign each a value relative to the others. With 23 million tracks at our disposal and a powerful yet user-friendly design, no other service creates an endless stream of songs and audio content that so accurately reflects your taste.

In addition to our comprehensive free personal radio services, Radical incorporates “Audio-On-Demand” Playlist functionality. Free users can create personal playlists using any of our music uploaded by independent bands, while subscribers can choose songs from our library of over 22 million tracks. Playlists of more than 50 songs automatically become available as Genres that can be added to stations, providing you with the ultimate control over your radio music stream.

Soon, Radical.FM will be launching the RadCast™ and TALK components of our player, which will allow users to create their own radio station- complete with their own voice. Using these tools, users will be able to broadcast their own radio station across the globe, engaging friends, fans, and other users in unprecedented ways.

We encourage all independent musicians, bands, comedians, podcasters and spoken word artists to upload their content directly to our platform (it’s free!), so fans worldwide can enjoy their material alongside our label music catalog. With our SoundCloud sync functionality, bands can upload quickly, copying their entire SoundCloud library onto our platform with just a few simple clicks.

Join today, and become a part of something Radical!


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