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Whether you're an accomplished musician or an absolute beginner, you're going to love polychord. Developed exclusively for the iPad. Polychord is drums, bass, chords, and accompaniment all wrapped into one. Simply press one of the chord circles and your on you're way to writing a song. Drums and bass follow the chords automatically, but the coolest part is probably the strum keys on the right: simply swipe your finger over the yellow keys to strum a chord. Chords made easy Polychord gives you instant access to a lot chords. By wrapping the different types of chords around each circle, we were able to fit a lot into a small space, while keeping them big enough to press easily. This gives you easy access to over 60 chords at any time. Auto Accompany One tap is all it takes to start the band. Press any chord and the drums and bass will play along in tune. Switch to a different chord and they'll follow you. You'll be amazed at how much easier it makes writing songs. Strum This is what truly sets polychord apart. Have you tried to play a piano keyboard on a small touchscreen? It's not ideal. Polychord's strum keys change automatically with the chords, so it doesn't have to make room for keys you don't need. They're incredibly fast and responsive, so you can slide up and down the keys with many fingers at one time.

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