Pocket Jamz Piano Notes


by Synaptic Stuff, LLC


Publisher's Description


Pocket Jamz Piano Notes is an all in one music learning and reference tool custom designed to take full advantage of iPhone and iPad capabilities. Download, upload, or purchase fully interactive sheet music with adjustable tempo, multiple track playback capability, audio playback, and fingering guides that show you exactly which keys to press. Context sensitive effects legends show you how to play any effects present in a song, and dynamic loop points allow you to repeat difficult sections. Our intelligent song library automatically groups related arrangements and includes YouTube videos showing how to play songs and Wikipedia background on song history. 


- High quality audio playback that dynamically adjusts to maximize processing capabilities on your device

- Beautifully rendered interactive music scores, with selectable tracks, left and right hand simultaneous staff display 

- Universal bundle with iPad and iPhone versions included

- Hands free scrolling playback with adjustable song tempo, and metronome, and connects to the AirTurn Bluetooth page turner. 

- Intelligent song library that automatically groups multiple song arrangements with linked YouTube instructional videos and Wikipedia song information. 


Synaptic Stuff has partnered with top music publishers to make interactive editions of authentic, high quality arrangements available for your iPhone and iPad. 


Piano Notes works with the AirTurn bluetooth page turning device to offer an elegant wireless solution for turning pages or scrolling music without removing your hands from the keys while playing a song. 


- Hands free playback on both the iPad and iPhone with smooth adjustable tempo song scrolling and multiple scrolling and page turning methods. 

- Beautifully rendered Hi-Res piano scores with iPhone 4 Retina display

- Full page realistic sheet music rendering on the iPad

- Portable song library with WiFi upload and internet download of songs in MusicXML, or Guitar Pro formats

- In-App Song Store with access to hundreds of professionally encoded authentic licensed arrangements

- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced arrangements for pianists of all levels

- Loop Points to repeat difficult measures

- In-song context sensitive effects reference

- Song Library preloaded with 10 practice drills and warm-up exercises



Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iOS 3.2 or later



- MusicXML format

- Guitar Pro 3, 4, and 5 formats



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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $2.99 None

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