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PlayThis lets you share your playlist with your friends so that everyone at your party can add the songs they love and vote for the songs they want to hear next.

As a host...
you can hook up your iPhone or iPad with your stereo system and create a playlist for your party. Then simply invite your friends to control the playlist by adding songs and voting for the ones already there.

- Launch the PlayThis app
- Create a name for your party or event
- Create a playlist from your locally stored music
- Share the event token with your friends

As a guest...
you can join a party via your own iPhone or iPad, or through a Web browser, and decide on what should be played. Simply add a song from the playlist or vote for a song you want to hear

- Launch the PlayThis app
- Enter the event token of the party you want to join
- Add songs to the currently existing playlist
- Vote for songs you would like to move up and be played soon

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