PlayItYourself 4


by AlphaWeb Plus LLP


Publisher's Description

PlayItYourself is a game that helps you learn to play the piano. You see the score and the upcoming notes are highlighted for you to play on the built-in piano. It's by far the simplest way of playing new music. You can study scores or you could follow the notes shown by the app and produce beautiful music effortlessly. Kid's absolutely love it. In Short * It shows you the music score and highlights the next note to play. * Play notes using built-in piano. * Choose what you want to practice and PlayItYourself will play the rest for you. * See the notes in melody practice right on your lighted keyboard. * It is by far the smoothest music learning experience right now. Add Scores * Edit and export your music with free MuseScore desktop app. * Sync your scores through iTunes. Features * Shows authentic, professionally-engraved sheet music reformatted for optimal viewing on your mobile device * Full-Size Multi-Touch piano is built-in * High quality sound samples * You can choose the hand to play, and the other hand will be played by the app automatically, so you can concentrate on the melody. * Tempo of the second hand is adjusted automatically to match the speed you play. * One of the most polished apps out there - works smoothly even on 3g iPhones * Warm and clean design.

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