by Jeroen van Rijn


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Play It is a fun and useful app to control your music with innovative, but simple gestures.

Play it has almost no buttons, because it uses innovative, but simple gestures. You can press the screen for example to pause the music or to start playing the music. By swiping to the left you go to the next song and by swiping to the right you go to the previous song.

To seek forward you just press and hold your finger on the right side of the screen and to seek backward you do the same on the left side of the screen. With this method you have the whole screen to control your music.

The menu hasn't got a back button, but also uses a gesture to go back. By swiping with one finger to the right you go to the previous screen and by swiping with two fingers to the right you go back to the main menu.

You can go quickly to the current song by pressing the album art of the song in the menu. On the same way you go back to the menu from the music player. If the music has stopped playing, the information about the current song disappears and the songs are shown on the whole screen, so you can use the whole screen.

With iCloud, the settings you make on one device will automatically appear on all your devices.

With the new personal colors function, you can choose your favorite colors and personalize Play It just the way you like it.

To search for a song, you just swipe to the left and you can immediately start searching.

Because Play It uses gestures, it is really easy to control your music on the road, par example when you are driving.

Play It supports the new Twitter function from iOS 5. You can tweet the music you are listening by tapping the screen with two fingers. PLay It can also tweet the music you are listening for you.

• iCloud
• Personal colors
• Twitter
• Multi touch
• Useful on the road
• AirPlay support
• Headphone remote support
• Controls from the lock screen
• Synchronization with iTunes
• Uses the music from the iPod app
• Also plays popcasts and audio books
• Shuffle function
• Search function
• Sort albums by album or artists

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