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Player+ is a easy to use music player with advanced special features.

Play songs from your iPod music library and adjust bass, mids and highs in real-time using Player+ high quality equalizer controls.

When changing tracks, Player+ always cross-fade songs for a smooth transition every time.

The 2D effect pad applies real-time frequency based effects to the current playing song. You can choose lows or highs and animate the cut frequency and curve as you move your finger through the pad. Other effects allow you to listen to specific frequency range or remove a frequency range from the output audio. More effects will be available later trough app updates.

An ocilloscope audio visualizer is overlaid to the effects pad. Use different filters and see how they change the audio and modify the ocilloscope graph. 

To create a playlist for an entire album, click on any song from that album when browsing trough the 'Albums' tab of the music picker (music button on player screen top left). To create a playlist with all library songs (all songs from all albums), use the 'Songs' tab of the music picker.

Works with AirPlay and Bluetooth audio streaming. For reduced battery usage, hide the visualizers or lock the screen while app is playing (effects and cross-fade will still work while screen is locked).

Protected DRM tracks can not be played with this app. You should upgrade any older DRM tracks to new iTunes Plus format before you can use them with Player+.

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