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PixKix offers a novel way to share your photos in a highly musical and entertaining manner.

Now you can add an interactive soundtrack to your photos before you share them so people can see AND hear them. Actually they get to play them because as they touch the photo, sound comes out and depending on where, the sound changes. 

You're at the beach, take a nice snap and would like to include some ocean waves for your friends to hear. No prob, just hit the record button and add up to 5 seconds of audio on any photo.

But that's not all...add effects and musical emotions to the audio and then let others "play" your photo with your sound interactively. They'll have a lot more fun playing your photos and so will you!

Your imagination is the limit, record anything—your favorite beat, a whisper, a laugh, your grandma, your motorcycle, etc. It's cooler than boring video because any sound can go on any picture instantly and it's highly interactive and entertaining.

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Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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