PitchBot - Smart Chromatic Tuner


by Yonac Inc.


Publisher's Description

Coming as the culmination of year's painstaking research, PitchBot is a chromatic tuner designed with string instruments in mind. PitchBot's tuning prowess is in its custom-made algorithms to capture, measure and interpret audio data. Whether you use it as a guitar tuner, a mandolin tuner or a cello tuner, PitchBot delivers quick and accurate readings, even in the noisiest environments. Recognizing the needs of musicians, PitchBot balances ease-of-use with a versatile feature set. It includes dual tone readouts, built-in RMS amplitude measurement, adjustable reference pitch and transposition, all clearly and intelligibly laid out. Best yet, it is available at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. We believe that PitchBot will be a good bang for your buck. Try it and see. Features: dual readout; cyclinder style note readout with 10-cent notches; fine-tune needle readout with -+ 25 cent range; custom-designed measurement and interpretation algorithms; built-in noise filters; Flat/Sharp indicator lights; -+ 1 cent accuracy; RMS amplitude readout; fast 0.2 second note recognition; adjustable reference pitch; -+ 2 whole steps transposition with 1/2 step quanta; adjustable pitch tracking sensitivity (useful in a less-then-ideal ambiance)."

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