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Ever wanted to have an interface for iTunes that could be acessible by anyone you wanted for a party, server, ...?


Now you can have it.


PartyTunes is a fully-featured web interface for iTunes, that even extends iTunes supporting features like queue, user management, ...


Everyone you allow access in can add songs and albums to a shared queue, that will be played by order of addition, but only you and certain people you allow can moderate the server by removing songs from the queue, skipping songs, repeating, ... It's the best way to throw a party where guests can choose what they want to hear or launch a web radio!


Did we say that users can connect to the server using anything they want, from phones to computers?



- iTunes Web Interface;

- User Manager;

- Message of the day;

- Manage everything related to iTunes from your web browser;

- Allow guests to manage your server... with limited access;

- Two themes to choose from;

- Lightweight;

- Easy to use...

- And backed by an awesome customer support!

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