OscilloScoop for Leap Motion


by Snibbe Studio


Publisher's Description

Make musical magic by gliding your fingertips over spinning crowns, creating real-time electronic music with a few swipes. As effortless as a toy, OscilloScoop gives you the tools DJs and electronic musicians use to create intricate grooves, with a hand-waving interface inspired by video games and dancers.


OscilloScoop features four custom presets that combine gesture-editable spinning digital filters and quantized note patterns with preset tempo, volume, color, and animation. Wave one finger to cut into each of OscilloScoop’s spinning crowns, or open all your hands to form sonic landscapes from your fingertips.


OscilloScoop is designed by Lukas Girling, a creator of interactive musical interfaces who has worked with world-renowned musicians and music technologists including Laurie Anderson and Max Mathews. The app was created in collaboration with Snibbe Studio, creator of the bestselling apps Bubble Harp and Gravilux, Philip Glass and Beck’s REWORK App Album, and producer of Björk’s Biophilia App Album.

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