Ora's Musical Wonderland


by MP4SLS Pte Ltd


Publisher's Description

Welcome to Ora's Musical Wonderland! 


Originally made by a mum for her 2-year old toddler, Ora's Musical Wonderland delivers soothing music for your young kids. 



With a range of tunes suited for different occasions including play time, speech and drama, dance and exercise, storytelling, baby massage, and even bed-time, our music is meant to enhance, and not to replace, the nurturing role of parents. We encourage parents to spend quality time bonding with their little ones as soothing music plays in the background.

All music copyright of Queenie Hu. 


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Music purchase

This music album app is available as a free downloadable to an iPoD Touch, iPhone or iPad. After installation, an end-user can access and play 30 sec clips of music tracks to sample the album.

When an end-user decides to purchase the album, s/he carries out an “in-app purchase” in the digital LP. The payment is collected by Apple (using the end-user’s Apple ID and credit card information). Once the payment transaction is completed, the digital LP unlocks the purchased album and full tracks can then be played by the end-user.

An end-user who purchases the digital LP album, depending on network conditions, would stream the music tracks at up to scalable lossless bit rate audio quality. A cache copy of the music tracks (audio quality of which can be set in the app settings) is also stored in the app for offline listening.

The digital LP aims to recreate the album experience; a discovery journey with an artist. Beside audio quality, media-rich artwork and track notes are featured together with links to the artist’s web resources, such as, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Songkick and iTunes Store, where available.

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