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Notezart: a convenient cloud music score book with social elements for your iPad.

With Notezart, you can take photos of your paper music scores or upload it to, and view them on your iPad. Forget about bulky paper score books: now iPad is your score book

  • Turn pages and zoom your scores with ease
  • No need for persistent internet connection: scores that were downloaded to your iPad will always be accessible in offline mode
  • Need a score? More than 190 000 scores from the public domain music library IMSLP is available for free download with Notezart! A few manipulations and any score from the biggest score library is on your screen 
  • Care to share? Sharing your scores with friends and colleagues is easy as never: find them in application, choose any score and click on “Share”, the score will appear in their libraries!
  • Already take advantage of electronic score sheet formats? Notezart allows you to upload your score sheets in PDF. Support for popular formats like Sibelius or MusicXML will be added soon


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