Nomis - The Music Release Notifier


by Taprockers


Publisher's Description

Nomis reminds you of new releases of all your favorite artists. The easiest way never to miss an album or a single of you favorite artist again. Who's it for? Everbody who likes music and hates missing the newest hits and records. Nomis automatically compiles your artist list according to the music saved on your iPhone/iPod. This list is updated everytime you launch the app. You can instantly listen to previews of the release. If you like the song or the album you can buy it on the iTunes Store in a jiffy. Nomis shows you how many releases are waiting for you with an icon badge on your home screen. Never miss a release again. An easy to use but visually captivating interface quickly helps you find what you want and let you dwell in an oldschool and retro feeling.

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