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by Nike


Publisher's Description

A Nike+ FuelBand is required to use this app. 

Nike+ FuelBand measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. It also tracks each step and calorie burned. The App talks to your Nike+ FuelBand, allowing you to see your progress on your mobile device and get the motivation you need to get moving. 

• Sync wirelessly, set your Daily Goal directly from the App and decide how much NikeFuel you want to earn that day.

• Sync your Nike+ FuelBand throughout the day to track your NikeFuel and try to hit your Daily Goal.

• See your daily activity breakdown and view your progress by week, month, or year.

• View your achievement celebrations and save your badges in your trophy case. Bragging optional.

• Connect, compare and compete with your Facebook friends. See your daily and weekly NikeFuel totals on a social leaderboard. 

• Keep track of your streaks. See how many days in a row you can reach your Daily Goal. 

• Keep track of your personal bests. Set your records and try to break them. 

• Get notified every time you earn a trophy, beat a record, or reach a milestone.

• Manage your Nike+ profile and settings on the go. 

• Write about your day and keep a personal record of how you felt. See what makes you tick. 

• Share your NikeFuel and achievements with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Get cheered on and stay motivated. 

• Stay connected to the rest of the Nike+ community. 

• The app automatically sends all your information to your Nike+ profile online.

• Nike+ FuelBand Device required.

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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
This app requires the Nike+ Fuelband wristband, which costs $149.

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