Nebula - realtime granular synthesis


by 31tone


Publisher's Description

Nebula brings real-time granular synthesis to the iPad, including glissons and grainlets.

Granulation can be performed on several prototypal waveforms (sines, triangles, 

squares, noise) and morphing can be applied between them.


It is possible to store presets and interpolate among them using a single finger through

the gesture mode (activable by the provided button or simply by going to landscape 

mode). You can also save and load banks of presets and share them to your friends 

through iTunes, using the App page.


In the motion mode, it is possible to control some parameter of the synthesis in a 

physical manner by simply moving the iPad in your hands. Finally, all the produced 

sounds can be recorded and exported to your favourite platform: the recorded sounds 

will be found in iTunes under the App page.

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