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by Ximii


Publisher's Description

Looking for an enhanced iPod experience for your iPhone or iPod Touch including gesture controls, a sleep timer, YouTube videos and Twitter and Facebook integration? Want all of that and more for free? Then this is your lucky day. Click "...More" below to learn more. Stop trying to hit those tiny buttons on your iPod to skip to the next track. Stop waking up to a dead battery because you fell asleep listening to your iPod. Stop switching back and forth between multiple apps to tweet or share you're latest musical obsession. Try myTunz now and stop settling for less in a music player app. myTunz builds on the iPod experience that you're already familiar with, but enhances it and takes it to the next level. The rich and intuitive user-interface is fully integrated with the native iPod player on your device, giving you the full iPod control you're accustomed to, but loaded with other great features like these: * Use swipe and tap gestures to control basic iPod functionality - ideal for jogging or workouts at the gym. You'll effortlessly control your music library with simple swiping or tapping gestures instead of fumbling around for those tiny buttons. Easily skip tracks, rewind or adjust the volume while you're working out or using the treadmill. * Set a playback timer and listen for a while as you work, study or nod off. You can use the volume fade-out feature to slowly dim the volume of your favorite podcast as you drift off to sleep and you'll never wake up to a dead battery again. * Share what you're listening to using email, Twitter or Facebook. Bestow your musical tastes, opinions, thoughts and whimsical musings upon your legions of friends and followers.

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