My DJ Classic


by Scott Bedwell


Publisher's Description

Are you ready to redefine how you listen to music on a daily basis? Introducing My DJ, the app that creates a continuous stream of your own music on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just set how long you want each song to play (in the settings) and click the play button. My DJ will do the rest. My DJ starts by playing a random part of a song from your library. Then, after 30 seconds (or however long you've specified), it will fade out and a new song will fade in. At any time, if you decide to continue listening to the entire current song, just tap the "Finish Song" button. My DJ can be used in this manner to scan through a device's songs audibly, much like one would scan through the stations of a radio then stop to listen to a song. Features Include: - Play / Pause Buttons - Next Song / Previous Song Buttons - Fade In / Out Settings - Finish Current Song Button - Album Artwork, Artist, and Song Title Displayed - Volume Bar - Integration with iPhone Physical Volume Buttons - Automatic Pause upon Removal of Headphones - Song Play Time Progress Bar

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