by Jameson Proctor


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MxNM LE (for Mix N Match MIDI Limited Edition) turns your iPad into a touchscreen control surface that will send MIDI control change messages to many popular music software programs via WiFi. This "limited edition" (hmm... maybe Live Edition is more apt) offers a total of 144 buttons, pads, and sliders, making it a perfect companion for your laptop to perform and produce computer music.


MxNM LE requires the free MxNM WiFi server to communicate with a remote computer. MxNM sends MIDI control change messages via the undefined control numbers on channels 8, 9, 10, and 11. To use with your software environment, please refer to its documentation.


To see a full map of the MIDI layout and download the MxNM WiFi server and popular application templates, please visit the MxNM website.

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