Music Visualizer ~ Rabbit Hole


by Feldspar


Publisher's Description

Experience music in a new light! Get ready for an endless journey through a corridor of color and sound. Don't just listen to your music, follow it down the Rabbit Hole! 


A unique experience for every song

Rabbit Hole's 3D graphics are powered by sound. The beats, tempo, and mood of the music are all represented by different shapes and color patterns. Try different artists and genres to see new effects emerge right before your eyes!

Music how you want it

Load your iTunes music in the built-in music player or visualize any sound you hear with microphone mode. You can even connect your device to an external TV, projector, or computer monitor in HD quality up to 720p.

Built-in player compatible with most common iTunes formats including MP3 and AAC

Optimized for CD-Quality audio

TV/Video output with iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, or iPad and Apple AV Cable adapter

Compatible with standard iPod dock speaker systems

Graphics from the #1 rated visualization for Sonique/XMPlay

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iPhone & iPad $1.99 None

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