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Music Theory for Beginners is the ultimate resource for anyone trying to get to grips with music theory. 

The App has been constructed and tested by accomplished musicians and theorists, and designed in a way that makes learning fun.

Split into 22 lessons that cover all the major theory topics from reading notes and rhythm to basic harmony, exclusive lessons provide you with all the information you need in order to take on the interactive quiz. The app includes several interactive controls that make learning to read and play music fun and easy!

Take on the quiz and get your achievement badge for each topic in turn. Once you've earned your badge for that topic, progress onto the next lesson until you're a true theory master!

The App contains over 2,000 questions of varying difficulty to test your knowledge. Music Theory for Beginners is quite simply the most comprehensive music theory tool in the App Store.

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* This App requires iOS 4 for optimal performance *

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