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by Michael Buchanan

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Having the ability to control your music almost mindlessly while doing desk work is a gift. Mind Swipe allows the user to easily switch songs and change the volume with little effort if your eyes are focused elsewhere. The app allows you to build a playlist on the spot or you can load one of your favorites. The UI is clean, simple, and gorgeous. It is definitely a grab for those who like to listen to music while studying, working at the desk, or driving. Take note that running the app leaves your iDevice in an unlocked state, so it would be best to plug in as you work to avoid losing battery life. However, being able to multitask while the app runs in the background makes up for this. Choosing to dart your eyes back to your iDevice for more than 20 seconds to check mail, you can tap back to Music Swipe afterwards and continue to swipe away. Writing this review, I have swiped through my playlist and changed the volume with just my left hand. Again, Music Swipe is a great app for those who would want to maintain their attention on responsibilities and not have to fumble with tapping on what to play next. review by Paris Hill

Publisher's Description

Music Swipe gives you a new way to experience your music. Instead of controlling it with normal buttons, you control it with gestures. This intuitive way of controlling your music makes it easier to get from song to song when you can’t stop to hit a button. This is perfect for:

-Running or biking
-Working out at the gym

or almost any other situation where your hands are not free. Many gestures are included to allow you to control your music just as you would with any other music player.

-Swipe left to go to the next song
-Swipe right to go to the previous song
-Swipe up or down to lower or raise the volume
-Tap the screen with two fingers to pause or play your music
-Tap the screen with three fingers to select music for playback
This app works completely with all the music on your iPhone at the time. You can even use your playlists. 
Download Music Swipe today and change the way you listen to your music.

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