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by Hedami


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Music Player (Remix) is the next generation music listening experience on webOS. It will simplify the way you access & manage your music with an incredible assortment of useful features including:

  • Flylists: Create custom, dynamic playlists that can contain songs, albums, artists, genres, or synced playlists.
  • Universal Search: Start typing within the app to instantly find anything within your music collection. Also initiate searches using webOS 2.0’s Just Type.
  • Faves: Pin items to the home screen for one-touch easy access to your favorite music.
  • Autolists: Auto-generated playlists created based upon your listening habits.
  • Mini-player: A customizable, multi-module player that resides in the notification area.
  • Custom wallpapers: Choose a wallpaper, use the phone’s wallpaper, or have the app pick one for you.
  • Social networking: Scrobble songs to Last.FM (cached when not online), post songs to Twitter & Facebook with links to their YouTube videos and optional attached notes, and listen to other people’s posted songs.
  • Advanced bookmarking: Set manual bookmarks with visual marker cues. Auto-bookmarks are saved when exiting the app, leaving a playlist, or when changing tracks.
  • Lyrics & Karaoke mode: Download lyrics (that are automatically cached locally) & start a karaoke session to record yourself singing along (note: karaoke feature not available on the Pre 3 and TouchPad).
  • Playlist Preview mode: Visually browse & manage your current playlist without interrupting playback of the current song.
  • Album Art downloading: Download album art & choose from a variety of image sizes.
  • Automatic daily data backup for flylists, faves, bookmarks, song play info, and lyrics.
  • Custom gestures: Assign custom actions when swiping up & down on the Now Playing screen.
  • Supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV, OGG, and FLAC files (note: OGG & FLAC are only supported on the TouchPad running webOS 3.0.4 or later) - And much, much more.



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From the convenient Just Type search to the New Media Indexing API, Music Player (Remix) leverages powerful webOS functionality to deliver Karaoke fun right on the device. 

Just Type

Music Player (Remix) includes an in-app Just Type panel that allows users to begin typing a name and the search results will show any matching song, artist, album, genre, or playlist as they type. Just Type works from any screen in the app.

New Media Indexing API

Available now in webOS 2.0, this API lets apps access the device music library, specifically the various db8 music objects, including songs, albums, artists, genres, and playlists. So Music Player can reach into music already on the device and play it from inside the app as well as view lyrics to use for performing and recording karaoke.


If users don’t want embarrassing karaoke recordings hanging around on their device, Music Player uses the node.js Java Script service to let users delete recordings from within the app.


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