Music Marquee


by Tasty Cocoa Software LLC


Publisher's Description

Music Marquee is a beautiful social music sharing application for iPhone. Sharing the music that you love has never been easier. Now featuring manual posting to Facebook, Twitter,, Tumblr, Posterous, FriendFeed and FEATURES: -Share what you are listening to on several social networks with the tap of a button. -Tap the "Now Playing" text to share with multiple services. -Tap the album art to change the current album or song. -Tap the info button to add a service. -Enable or re-enable a service. -Uses token based authentication so your password is not stored on your iOS device. -User credentials stored securely in the keychain. -App must be running in order to scrobble current song. -Songs that are played while no network connection is available will be scrobbled when the network reconnects. -More services coming soon.

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