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The internet seems endless, with a similarly vast population of music blogs, many of which post MP3s to demonstrate their points. To bring them within closer reach, a Facebook app called Music Blogs lets you browse hundreds of them and stream their music from within Facebook.

Of course, because it runs on Facebook, Music Blogs lets you share any music blog with friends by typing in their names. Or, if you want to read up on an artist that strikes your fancy, you can click through to read the post in its natural habitat.

For those who already have some favorite, trusted music blogs, the app lets you find them with a search box. Once selected you can play embedded tracks in seconds, providing a convenient soundtrack for whatever else you’re doing on Facebook.

As with most apps, we spotted room for improvement. Once you browse past the first page of music blogs, you’ll see a bunch of broken images next to lesser-known blogs. Generally speaking, these blogs play back just fine, but the missing images don’t exactly inspire confidence.

Facebook is not a leading app platform by any stretch of the imagination; for the most part, its main effect on the app world is through its Facebook Connect feature, which authenticates users and lets them share their in-app activity with Facebook friends. Nonetheless, as this app demonstrates, Facebook itself works as an actual platform for music apps too — especially for music fans who leave it open all day anyway. -Sterling Champion


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Music Blogs lets you browse and listen to music from hundreds of the most popular MP3 blogs on the web. You can save your favorite blogs and put them on your profile or see what your friends are listening to. We also keep track of the Top 10 most popular music blogs on Facebook - vote for the one's you like the most by adding them to your favorites.

What people are saying: "If I had a dollar for every time I was Superpoked, bitten by a Zombie, or the victim of some other inane and annoying Facebook application I’d probably have enough money to pay someone to make a Music Blogs application that actually provides value (and great music) while I’m searching for new tunes. Thankfully, William White already beat me to it. The Music Blogs app rules." Steve Marchese, (via email)

"Congratulations on a job super well done. I've been playing around with the new application and I love it!" Sean Ziebarth, (via email)

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