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Add Music to your profile (powered by iLike) Add a music tab to your profile. Get personalized concert alerts. Create and share playlists. Discover and share new music and free MP3s. And prove you're a Music Genius: play the iLike Challenge! Start here.

For musicians and artists: Create an artist page, upload your music and eventsSend multimedia bulletins to fans with iCastGet detailed stats on your fans

How come I don't see music on my profile? If you don't see your music, click here. Why are some songs 30-second samples only? We only offer full songs if artists or record labels upload them, and this is why we don't (yet) have a complete catalog of full-songs. When we don't have a full-song yet, we usually have licensed 30-sec samples. If you add a 30-sec clip to your profile, it will automatically be replaced with the full song if the artist later uploads it.

Please note that although iLike has put features in place to remove inappropriate content, some content may not be appropriate for all audiences. Some content may include references to violence, sex, drug abuse or other elements that parents might consider inappropriate for audiences under 18 years of age.

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