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Rediscover your music collection with MUSaIC, the revolutionary 'no buttons' gesture-based music player for iOS. Scroll through a fullscreen mosaic of all your album covers, tap on any album to start listening, swipe anywhere to skip tracks, flip over the album for recommendations, find new album art, and even preview or buy new tracks from iTunes® with a single tap. MUSaIC puts your entire music collection at your fingertips.

Here's just a few of the reasons people are falling in love with MUSaIC worldwide...


  • The first music player to bring real full screen Gesture Controls to the iPhone.
  • The fastest way to jump into your music library. Anyone can use immediately including non-tech family members and even kids!
  • Perfect for one-handed use when sitting, driving, walking, running.

Album Art

  • MUSaIC brings back the old school joy of choosing albums by their cover. No more boring grey lists of songs! Even better all the covers are interactive, tap to start or turn over to select a track.
  • Finally you can even download replacement or missing Album Art - in Retina Resolution
  • Your music has never looked this good


  • Not only is it a great way to rediscover your own music but MUSaIC also includes direct links to preview and buy new songs or albums. Missing the latest track by your favorite artist or wonder what else they've done? No Problem. Preview, Buy, and Play all in one place

Advanced Features

  • We love music and have worked hard to include several unique features you can't get elsewhere - while also cutting those that make other music apps overly complex.
  • MUSaIC v1 already includes unique features like 'Shuffle Album' (which not even the native music app offers), a beautiful no button user interface, and nice to have touches like pull to refresh, quick drag search, background multitasking, and Airplay for wireless streaming to your tv/stereo.


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