by Rob Fielding


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A microtonal capable distortion synthesizer with an 11-string bass guitar layout with extremely low latency. Many, many thanks to Jordan Rudess (Morphwiz' creator!) for many of his ideas that are in its design. Mugician appears on Underoath's latest album 'Disambiguation', and also on Gorillaz latest album "The Fall" (which was mostly created on iPad), and the Jordan Rudess with Project RnL collaboration. Contact me if you use this on stage. Send me your youtube video links, and I will post them on Facebook and twitter. I also have lots of users that have been playing Mugician daily for a half year, and this exact version for 3 months. The only thing that has changed recently is the iPad operating system itself. I recommend iTablaPro for background accompaniment, as that app can run in the background, interacts well with Mugician, and is a really good fit for Mugician's sound.

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