mScribble: scribble beautiful music


by Panpipes Ho! LLC


Publisher's Description

Do you love to improvise music? You don't have a lifetime to spend practicing scales and chords. mScribble has built-in knowledge of the rules of harmony, melody and rhythm in a variety of muiscal styles. You can expressively shape an infinite variety of melodies by tapping and sliding a single finger over the entire touch screen. The app accompanies with bass and drums. It's a great toy for passing time making your own music. It records all your performances so that you can share them on Facebook, Twitter and more via SoundCloud.

Here's some praise for an earlier version of mScribble:

“A lot of fun.. a great experience”

“Rating: A… This app is almost perfect”

“A fun way to play music…hypnotic” –

“mScribble is such a simple concept, yet it’s almost mesmerizing in what it does.”

If you would like to create your own personal music styles, please look at "Custom Music Styles" on the Info page.

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