Mobile Guitar Lessons


by JamPlay, LLC


Publisher's Description

Get this app for instant access to mobile guitar lessons to improve your playing, guaranteed. Beyond the video lessons, you will get a load of essential tools including an accurate tuner (uses your microphone), chord library, scale library, and backing tracks. It doesn't matter if you play acoustic, electric, are a beginner or advanced player...everybody agrees that this app is mandatory if you're looking to improve your guitar playing.


  • Video Lessons: Hundreds of guitar lessons for beginners and veterans; acoustic and electric.
  • Backing Tracks: Hundreds of exclusive backing tracks for you to jam with.
  • Free Content Updates: New lessons & tracks are added frequently. No app updates required. No extra fees.
  • Tuner: Your built-in microphone turns your device into a tuner.
  • Chord Library: Thousands of chord voicings with audio playback.
  • Scale Library: Dozens of scales; each in all 12 keys with audio playback.
  • Metronome: Cutomizable accents, kits, and beats per minute

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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $1.99 None

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