MixxMuse DJ HD


by Pulsar


Publisher's Description

♫ Touch the Music! ♬ ⇒ Enjoy a unique musical experience on your iPad!
«It feels like you are creating music with your own hands. And actually you do... »

♫ Create breathtaking mixes in real time that any pro-DJ would envy.

♫ So what is MixxMuse DJ HD?
✔ a simple App that lets you touch the music and change it
✔ a sample-based music instrument that lets you control each
individual instrument
✔ multi touch DJ mixer with intuitive and futuristic interface
✔ an innovative music game

♫ A normal DJ control mixes 2-3 tracks at once.
In MixMuse you mix multiple (often 5-6 and more) loops in real time creating a unique mix and seamlessly change between tracks and creating new tracks from
several different tracks.

♫ You don't have to be a musician or a pro-DJ to use MixxMuse DJ HD!


We have prepared all the music so any normal person could create a hot mix.
However, MixxMuse will have additional features that even pro-DJs would love.
♫ We are constantly working on new awesome updates!

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This app is free. However, users must pay for additional tracks after purchase.

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