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Mixtape is a digital throwback to the once ubiquitous cassette, making it simple to craft custom music mixes and share them with friends by tagging them on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Mixtape works best with an Rdio subscription or a premium Spotify account. Without one of these subscriptions you will only get 30 second samples of songs courtesy of Rdio.

With Mixtape you can:

- Quickly create and share Mixes of your favorite music.

- Discover new music from featured artists and popular mixes from other Mixtape users.

- Create mixes from your Facebook likes, your most listened to tracks. or generate a random mix from a genre.

- Comment, favorite and share Mixtapes.

- Follow other Mixtape users to stay on top of what they are listening to.

- Scrobble to Last.fm


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In order to hear full songs, you'll need to be a premium subscriber to Rdio or Spotify.

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