by Szymon Kaliski


Publisher's Description

MicroTones is a microtonal synthesizer, allowing simultaneous playback of up to thirty sinewaves set with accuracy to one hundredth of a hertz. 


Place new sinewaves just by touching the screen, adjust volume, and frequency, add more and listen to subtle changes in soundscape. Easily create ambient atmospheres and drones.

Manipulate multiple sinewaves at once with full multitouch support.

Adjust frequency range using scale displayed at the bottom of the screen - move to lower/higher frequencies, zoom in to adjust sinewaves with more accuracy, or zoom out and see the whole picture.

Remove one or more sinewaves just by dragging them to the bottom of the screen, or all at once by shaking your device.

You can now record audio directly on your device using button in lower left corner.

Files will be available through iTunes File Sharing!

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