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Plug in a pair of computer speakers and you have an instant P.A. system. The app uses the built-in mic in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod 4 to amplify your voice and output it through the headphone jack. Just connect a pair of powered speakers and you have a quick and easy way to make announcements at meetings, parties, or any other type of function. - Plug in a pair of computer speakers to make a P.A. System - Plug in a pair of earbuds or headphones to allow you to hear better in noisy situations - Plug in an FM transmitter to make your iPhone into a wireless mic - Simple, easy-to-use design - Volume meter lets you see the sound level - Great for speeches at meetings, parties, and other functions Note: The app should be used with a pair of speakers or earbuds/headphones, otherwise you will hear feedback (since the mic and speaker in your iPhone are close to one another).

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